Dream I need to turn into a book or something

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Dream I need to turn into a book or something

Postby Spliff » Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:27 am

It starts off in San Diego driving to a party, there's a kid, he's about 17 or so and they get out and there's a bunch of the kids family there, along with his dad's friends. Kid goes off to play with his dogs, but cos of the dream I can still see what's going on. Dad ends up partying it up, having a grand ol' time. Has 2 or 3 women with him the whole time, and tends to divert attention away from the kids mom. She goes up stairs and locks herself in the bathroom.

This is the way the dream goes, they're always driving to a party, except for 2 times. When not at the party the kid and his brother are always out, never wanna be home. They come home one time to find their mother sitting in the garage, just blank. Apparently whenever they weren't at a party, they were at the house and the dad was always gone. Couldn't see what was going on but I assume he was out with other women. Mom goes upstairs and heads to the bathroom and weeps.

Kid is driving with his brother and his brother completely breaks down, torn up by how his mother is living.

Kid decides to build a time machine, to go back and save his mom from this. His brother helps too. They get started, when the weird neighbors from next door come in through the garage, and end up being not human. They tell the guys that none of the things they have will work for a time machine, something about none of the parts they're using would be able to handle the rapid acceleration and rotation required to breach time. They end up however telling them they can fix it, but in order for what they want to do, one of the brothers would be wiped from existence.

Kid decides he wants to go, figuring somehow since he was younger it would fix things somehow. Then there's a whiteout.

End up at another party, this time much earlier in time as the kid's brother is not present, dad is being obnoxious. Mother is pregnant, and says something to a woman about her having "the best rack at the party", this time the mother doesn't head to the bathroom, she leaves.

Sorry it's just a weird jumble of thoughts, but these are the most prevalent things I can remember from the dreams, there was so much more happening. I just needed to jot down this stuff, so I didn't forget it.

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