Impromptu writting

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Impromptu writting

Postby Twilight_Corvus » Sat May 10, 2008 8:25 pm

The world shook around us as ash fell from the low roof of our poorly constructed tunnel. The sounds of heavy vehicles above echoed in our minds as coffins for our poor brethren on the front lines. Coffins which would only remind us of our own.

"Let's keep moving," James Markholm stated with a grin, as though we were on a stroll to find a spot to start a picnic.

Coffins which remind all of us, except James, of our own mortality...

James was always wearing that smile. Calming and yet creepy. A battle field was no place to wear a smile. After seeing Douglas torn to shreds from an enemy grenade, I thought he'd finally stop smiling and take the world seriously.

It never phased him.

The tunnel wound on and on deeper and deeper into enemy territory. Old and forgotten, the tunnel's lack of repairs had made us crawl through debris from partial cave-ins more than once. Luckily (or unluckily I might say) none forced us to turn back. This trip was taking very long. Much too long for what it was estimated. My gear felt way too heavy, but James only smiled.

We made it to our destination. Just below our destination to be exact. Enough explosives to send the enemy command center to kingdom come and back.

The loss of such a major base would decide the war, and the two of them would be heroes.

Except, when Douglas died, even though his share of explosives survived, he had been carrying the remote detonator.

"I really wish we hadn't lost the remote," I said staring at the old tunnels that would soon meet their end.

"I really wish we hadn't lost the remote," James' voice echoed throughout the tunnel and back into my ears.

James' ears.

I couldn't stop smiling.

My partner, Douglas Rendal, and I, James Markholm, would get medals of honor hung on our graves and would be remembered for generations.

As I flipped the manual detonation switch, I would have settled for a ham sandwhich.

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