The Beginning

Full of lies.
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The Beginning

Postby Twilight_Corvus » Tue Dec 11, 2007 4:11 pm


Words upon words upon words.
Written faster than I can think.
Typed faster than they should.
Written with more abandon than anyone would.
But then here they are.

The words I hope that someone will read. A story to warn those who come after me. A tale too tall. But please...

Listen. Learn. Fear.

This story hinges not on the characters but on the setting. A peaceful town at best. A battleground at worst.
Here good and evil face off every day. Or at least that's what I would say, if I could tell that either were actually good.
Their fights consumed the town. Day and night and day, they warred, and I'd wonder. What of me?

But here we are now. And now I know.

My time draws ever nearer as the one I've labeled as "good" comes for my life, and "evil" is the only thing betwixt me and it.

But at least this message may carry on. Carry on and save someone else.

The war will not end. There is no good.

Run. Run and live on.

Do it for me.



Father would always say "if you ever get lost, stay still, and I'll find you." He has said this sentence four hundred twenty eight times since I was seven years old, and even now he still utters this phrase every other week.

You see, when I was seven I got myself lost. Really, really lost. So lost in fact that I found something that was never meant to be found.

Behind the dirty glass, around a corner, down the hall, under the trap door, and standing just past the entrance of an elaborate room was a light. And in the light was the most dazzling creature I'd ever seen. A bird so white that everything around it paled, it's movements sent shivers along my back. It's every feature was an indistinguishable bright light and yet I could count it's feathers. If I'd known the word then I'd have said it was surreal. Its light, warmth, everything. The feeling of seeing it is seared into my memory.

There was another girl in the room. Dark, covered in shadows, looking at me looking at her. Standing only feet away I wanted to axe if she knew where my parents were. To tell her I was lost. To make her my friend and play tag.

But then I heard my parents behind me. Softly, there voices carried from past the doorway, up the stairs, through the trap door, down the hallway, around the corner, past the dirty glass, down the street, across a terrace, over the creek, past the street performers, up the stair case, past the revolving doors, through the lobby, up the stairs, and in the first door on the right. My mother was in tears, my father couldn't stop whispering thanks as my mom hugged me. It was bedtime though it had been morning when I was first lost by the old glass factory. I slept well, and in the morning my father told me.

If I ever get lost, stay still, and he'll find me.


Elbows off the table, chew with your mouth closed, never run, curtsy, say grace, axe for my pardon, back straight, head high, full sentences, no yawning, no mumbling, "please"s and "thank you"s, p's and q's. My mother raised me to glide, not walk. To show respect, and speak only when spoken to. And one day when I'm older, I could do whatever I wanted. Have whatever I wanted. And it would make my mother proud.

I'd never know that that morning when my mother made me wear my finest that I wasn't going to another teacher to learn more manners over tea. Instead, I found myself in the most decorated mansion I'd ever seen. The paintings were bright and dark, and the furniture never meant to belong together. And neither were the people I suppose. In so many fashions and speaking so differently. My mother never gave me the chance to axe where we were or what we were doing. She simply led me to a room. A room that was painted in such an odd fashion that it made my eyes hurt to look at it. My mother told me something I was not to forget. Something very important. And she told me she was proud. She hugged me tightly for the first time that day. I was so happy. So happy I could not stop smiling as she left me in the room, closing the door behind her.

Mother was proud of me. The taste of salt reminded me where I was, and I quickly found my handkerchief. And then I noticed it. A fox was sitting in front of me, starring at the spectacle I had made of myself. It would be the one to stare at me as though my crying publicly was odd; the fox looked as though he'd done nothing but roll around in soot and coal all day. I wanted to laugh at it, but my manners taught me more restraint than that. But there was something wrong.

Had the room always been this bright? I blinked, and that when I noticed the other girl. Looking at me looking at her, she was bright, even more so because she was standing in the light. Standing only feet away I wanted to tell her how happy I was. To tell her that Mother was proud of me. To axe her to a tea party and become her friend.

I blinked, and she was gone.

A hand on my shoulder turned me around, and the owner of that hand, a wrinkly, old man, talked at me. He posed questions that I did not answer, and his voice only grew louder and more annoying to me. And so I silenced him. And he would not wake for months on end.

My mother told me something I was not to forget. Something very important.

"From now on, you and only you can make the rules."

I can do whatever I want. Have whatever I want. And it will make my mother proud.

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Postby MT » Tue Dec 11, 2007 5:10 pm

seems like some solid stuff thar. i'll keep reading next time i have some time.
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Postby J. Spiffyman » Tue Dec 11, 2007 5:40 pm

Very ethereal and mystic; like something almost horror, but not quite. Makes me wonder if I'm as good a writer as other people think I am.

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