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Postby MT » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:34 am

i'm out doing something for work and this broad calls me on my mobile, she says she is on her way in and needs a car. I tell her i'm out delivering a car, and will be back shortly. I continue doing whatever i'm doing and she calls again moments later screaming that she is at my office and wants to know why i'm not there. annoyed, i pull into a parking lot to turn around and return to the office. As i'm doing this she is still yelling, and says something to the effect that she is going to tell the KKK. I race back to the office in an effort of customer service, weaving through traffic.

I'm now on a moving sidewalk conveyor thingy, running on it, reaching super speeds, for on foot anyways. there are two other men racing me, one of which was Brian Pole, a guy i hadn't been friends with since 4th grade. we reach then end of the conveyor and there is a staircase, with doors separating each floor. Brian goes into the door, but to save time i jump over the railing onto the next platform for the stairwell, then again and again until i reach the bottom floor. i get to the bottom and i hear the doorbell ring, it was brian, he was already down there. i assume he jumped out a window.

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