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Postby MT » Thu Nov 23, 2006 5:09 pm

i think the dream started out with me trying to skip school or something. i'm in some sort of institution, my ex is there, and EEO is there also. the Milkshake song was a large part of this portion, i'm not sure why. we were all singing it, spoken verse, etc. we are all in a gymnasium type room, and there is some sort of distraction for the authorative figure, an older woman. My ex and I sneak out a window. Climbing on the edge of a building, now alone i guess, i make my way to the top. there is an antena like structure that i climb and there is a launchpad on top for a rocket propelled jet. I climb onto the jet and try to strap myself on, but am stumbling b/c i know i'm being pursued. at this point i get a bit of deja vu, and know that the rocketjet will crash accross the street, where the real jets are. I know it will hurt, but i do it anyways, ignition.

this time the rocket misfires and crashes on the same side of the street, and the wrong side of a moat. i can see my pursuer closing in, i slip into the water, but i know i've been spotted. i stay low to the water as he approaches, and near the edge so that the moat wall will hide me. as he passes i float past a gap in the wall and he looks right at me. for some reason he kept walking to my downed rocket, still looking in the water for me. i guess he missed me.

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