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Dangerously self-aware?

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:45 pm
by J. Spiffyman
These are excerpts from two dreams I had last night.

In the first one I was robbing a high-tec vault with my sister. We made off with millions upon millions, but it just seemed way too easy. My suspicions increased when we walked out of the building and I noticed the building we'd stolen it from was not a bank but a small local church. However, when I glanced over and saw my grandparent's house up the street, which I knew was located in Iowa and not Michigan, I actually said, in my dream, "Oh, nice try, but this is actually a dream, isn't it? You almost had me fooled!" The weird part is that even after the illusion was broken the dream kept on going for a bit before I woke up, and I remember myself saying that I really shouldn't drive the car, because I know that this is a dream and it might be dangerous. Sadly I didn't stay asleep long enough for me to take advantage of the fact that I knew it was a dream.

In the second dream I was back in the same bank vault, but the job had gone bad and the cops were shooting everywhere. I know that we can't make it out of there with the loot, but I don't want to go to jail. Suddenly I think to myself, "Wait! If I shoot myself in the head, I'll wake up and that will solve everything!" So I shoot myself in the head with a 50-caliber magnum.


I have to stagger around for minutes on end with a bullet in my brain before my subconscious forgets I shot myself and the dream moves on to something completely different.

Inception, you have lied to me.