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Postby MT » Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:51 pm

I was part of a team breaking into some sort of hover craft. we all agreed that we were going to enter through the hatch on the starboard side. for whatever reason myself and an older black man entered through the port side, both of us armed with pistols. his resembling a luger, and mine a desert eagle(yikes!). when we enter the first corridor we were greeted by a few solders, and the other guy took them both out with a few shots to the chest. we turn a corner, and i take out a few.

we make our way to what looked like a rec-room, and shoot anyone therein. it is then when i notice that my teammate is firing tranquilizer darts. i'm a little embarrassed b/c i've been killing people. we secure the room, and reload. we use the pool table as a workspace. i open up my clip and inside is a combination of pellets, bullets, and tranq-darts. not in any order, just kind of rolling around in there. i try weed out the lethal bullets, and useless pellets. some more solders enter the room, unsuspectingly.

my partner takes them out, and then leaves the room while i'm still trying to get my shite together. i panic and leave the room, but cannot find my partner, who also has the map. i wander around trying to find the rendezvous point, and decide to abort, blend in, and escape the base(it is now a base). i walk by a gift shop and the woman inside is dressed like a trolldoll(sans the crazy hair). she asks me if i'm having trouble fitting in with the rest of the cadets. i rush away and realize that i don't blend in at all with my full beard and longer than crew cut hair.

i look down a dormitory hallway and see a way out, but then i realize that there is a metal detector in front of me that could blow my already weak cover. i figure if i walk through confidently, noone will question me, and if not i'll just have to make a break for it. the alarm goes off, but there is also a lot of smoke at the end of the hallway... fucking potheads saved my skin. I exit.

i run outside and cross the street. i see my extraction point down the road a little in a parking lot. a rape van. once inside a woman debriefs me, and i try to come to terms with the fact that i killed some people earlier. the killing didn't bother me, which is what bothered me. i get over it.
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Postby J. Spiffyman » Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:13 pm

War... has changed.

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