A Dread Carnival

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A Dread Carnival

Postby J. Spiffyman » Mon May 03, 2010 8:37 am

So I'm at an amusement park with a lot of people I know from real life; T_C's there too. For some reason I run away and am walking down the highway next to the park, when an automatic rocket turret appears out of nowhere and goes haywire. I'm pinned down in the ditch with nothing to defend myself except a pair of plastic pellet guns. Some jerk's shooting at me with actual bullets from the other ditch, too, but fortunately everyone's a horrible shot, and I finally get up behind the turret and try to disarm it. For some reason the turret is now a stand-up arcade, but it was built by a madwoman who is also the little girl from Zombieland. I managed to rip out its logic board before it achieved sentience, but it was too late; the carnival was being overrun by hundreds of stereotypical box roberts with robert cat heads.

I tried to talk some sense into the little girl and get her to stand down the robert army, but predictably, the roberts achieved sentience and no longer took orders from her anymore. We needed to take matters into our own hands, so a bunch of people climbed up the 100-foot tall rock climbing wall to get to the hidden weapons depot in the park. T_C tried to gate-crash the resistance with a grenade that looked like an aluminum doughnut, mistakenly believing we were "going to try to freeze the roberts or do some last-ditch crazy plan that won't work", until I told him that "we're going to SHOOT stuff, (T_C's real name)!" I wake up just as the resistance armed themselves for battle against the horde...

I wonder if we won?

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