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Improper fighting, in the streets

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:14 am
by J. Spiffyman
So pretty much all I remember about this one is that I was playing Street Fighter with someone (possibly T_C? I know he was at least in the room), and the someone was using M. Bison. The only move he ever used was some spinning spiral attack that bounced around the stage, except there were obvious blind spots you could hide in. Then he accidentally bounced off the stage and broke the game, because no one could find out how to get him back in the fight. I believe it was suggested that, like Elvis, Bison had left the building.

Overall this dream was short, poorly written, and pandered to a far too specific audience. I can't possibly see how it could do well once it hits the masses. 1/2 star our of 4.