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Postby MT » Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:35 pm

last night i caught a few minutes of a sequel to pet cemetery with a bunch of B rate actors(ed furlong, whom i also saw in CSI:NY a few hours later). it made me want to watch the actual movie. maybe soon.

after waking up on my couch with the TV still on at 4am, i eat some pretzels, walk downstairs, drink some milk, check B&M, then go back upstairs to my mattress.

dreamworld. there is a cat running around outside that has rabies and is trying to get into the house. it runs for a door and i tackle it. i'm not concerned about being bit, i have to protect whomever is inside. i think it tries to bite me, and i pry its mouth open. then i think we snuggle for a bit, and i stick him in a crate.

not exactly a zombie cat, but not exactly a coincedence. i don't remember but it might have even looked like Church. it also reminded me of on friday when i purposly got stung by a bee b/c i was tired of watching my friends scream when it flew by them. worth it.

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