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Humming Duck

Postby MT » Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:14 am

i was on a front porch of some house, chatting with my sister. i look over at the front garden and see a humming bird. i then realize it is much larger than any humming bird i've ever seen. i grab a camera to take a picture. when i zoom in on the bird i realize it is a duck. a duck that is hovering, and beating it's wings so fast they disappeared. I pointed it out to my sister. i try to snap a picture, but it flies out of frame. when my sister finally saw what i was trying to show her, the duck charged at her on the porch. i tried to swat the duck away, but i ended up catching it's back leg. I was not exactly sure what to do with it, and i was a little concerned that it maight harm me. I think i just chucked it off the side of the porch and we went inside.

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