College & Zombie Dogs

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College & Zombie Dogs

Postby J. Spiffyman » Wed Sep 26, 2007 7:35 pm

All right, so I’m hanging out in my college dorms, watching some classmates do a video documentary of their everyday college life. The guy talking is obviously lying to make his life seem more dramatic; For example, he said thinks like, “Yeah, my car got stolen, but no biggie, I can pick up a new one from my bookie-he works on X Street,” even though everybody knew that X Street is the street the college is on, and known for being sunny and wholesome. I think that’s lame so I go outside. I see a couple of friends on the college lawn and talk to them. I end up saying really stupid and sarcastic stuff, but they respond with, “Hey, you’re the kind of guy we just can’t get mad at; you’re too young.” I still don’t know what that’s about.

When I go back into the dorms, I’m being chased by the zombie dogs from Resident Evil. I run for my life and make it to my room (which for some reason has two thick oak doors instead of one), but I leave my bookbag outside. The same classmates doing the video come up and bang on the door and yell at each other, screaming “Who is he? WHO IS HE? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHO IS HE?!?!” For some reason the zombie dogs don’t care about them.

After they get bored and leave one of them comes back and gives me my book bag back and starts talking about how he wants to stop being bad, but he can’t or the dogs will get him. Then I wake up. come I can outrun zombie dogs, but Jill Valentine can't?

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