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Postby MT » Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:44 pm

i think the cold nights are stimulating my dream makers. i'm having some good ones, though i forget them by the time i'm around a computer. or they are still vivd, just not post worthy.

a few nights ago i was dreaming that a large group of young adults and i were on some sort of sports field. I think there was a coach who was dividing everyone into pairs. he called up some dreamy guy and the crowd hushed. the girls squirmed with excitement from the thought of being paired with him. the coach announced "who wants to be paired with..uh...Turner(not really)" there was a lull in the crowd, and being an ass i screamed "I do!" after i broke the silence the rest of the crowd roared for him. then everyone ran onto the field. a chain formed accross the field from side to side with 20 or so kids holding hands. then immediatly a second level piled on, then a third. sort of like a cheer pyramid, but without the point. all three levels had around 20 people in them. i was shocked at the speed that this thing was erected. a wall of co-eds. at this point i'm just kinda maxin' relaxin' in the endzone, or whatever kind of field it was.

i figured i should stop being lazy and do some spotting, there looked to be some weak spots in the wall. as i aproach, one of the girls fell from the top row. i caught her as if she only weighed 50lbs. i looked up to throw her back up, but the hole in the wall started to close by everyone on each side moving closer to sturdy things up. i threw her up there anyways, and she sqeezed in.

i think at this point the wall weakened too much and everyone toppled into a sexy pile. so now everyone was just kind of laying around. there was a large 4'X6' charcoal grill, burning red hot. for some reason i was taking small peices of meat from the grill and throwing them at some girl, flirtatiosly, like a 5 year old pulling he girls hair that sits in front of him. i looked back at the grill to notice that the straw mat directly covering the grill top was flaming up on the edges. after some thought on why our grill mat was burning i realized that grills should have mats on them.

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