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Restaurant/Comic Sto'

Postby Ghost » Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:30 am

This one doesn't have any real flow to it.


I'm at a restaurant that seems to serve both BBBQ and Chinese. My friends and I are seated at a table next to a huge black machine that you're supposed to feed money into to get your meals.

One of my friends, I'm not sure who, starts fighting with it. The owner comes around and it's my aunt Wanda and she's sobbing. I try to explain what the deal is, and I'm suddenly furious and refusing to pay. She walks around behind a podium and puts her head down.

Outside I can see rocks falling from the sky. A girl comes and sits on my lap and I shove her off onto the floor. She curls up into a ball and shrinks away.

Comic Store

I go to my local comic shop and while the owner is the same, the shop seems to be inside a house. I follow some guy with glasses back to where the figures are and I'm looking at a statue of some kind of warrior woman. It keeps falling apart as I'm looking at it and every time I try and touch it, I can't.

I go around out back to the porch where it's sunny and begin looking through a longbox of back issues. I choose two comics, one about Spider-Man and one that has Captain America and Iron Man on the cover and go inside to pay. As I hand the owner the comics I notice they don't have covers any longer and one them has a price tag in the hundreds slapped on it. He rings me up, 210.00, and hands me another comic without a cover. I protest and he opens one up to show me and they're hentai comics. I tell him I'm not buying anything like that and walk out.

As I go, I notice the whole place is filled with white tea pots.

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