Mezco King Kong, Mcfarlane Military series 4 reviews

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Mezco King Kong, Mcfarlane Military series 4 reviews

Postby Michael Crawford » Thu Dec 07, 2006 7:28 pm

He's wall to wall and treetop tall - it's Mezco's 15" King Kong, straight from the Peter Jackson movie. You can get him mellow, pissed or roaring, and my review tonight covers the roaring version. Great sculpt, with just a few minuses overall. He's certainly the finest version of Jackson's Kong we've seen.

The guest review is from dedguy, and covers four of the six new Mcfarlane Military series 4 figures. You can check out all the reviews at the usual:

I'm working on all the nominations right now for the People's Pick Awards for 2006. I usually like to have the ballot up by now, but I'm running a few days behind. It should be up by next week though, and there are going to be 10 great prize packs as well for some lucky voters. Watch for it!

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