Premium Format Buffy, Saint Seiya reviews

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Premium Format Buffy, Saint Seiya reviews

Postby Michael Crawford » Sun Nov 05, 2006 7:23 pm

I'm a fan of Sideshow's Premium Format figures. I'm also a big Buffy fan. So what could be better than combining the two? Well, the first try didn't quite work out as well as I'd hoped. I'm reviewing the PF Buffy tonight, and she has a major issue - the old lazy left eye. And in this scale, and at this price point, it's definitely a major issue. Spike looks quite a bit better, but then he's not the main character, now is he?

The guest review is from one of my international readers, Raul Vito, and covers a couple of the Saint Seiya figures. For those into who like their toys like their wines - imported - this is a review to read. You can find all the reviews at the usual:

Thanks for reading!


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