Hot Toys Godfather review(s)

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Hot Toys Godfather review(s)

Postby Michael Crawford » Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:35 am

Today is an odd situation...I have not one but THREE reviews covering the exact same figure. Why so many? Because this is such a cool figure, such an amazing job, that I thought it deserved the triple treat. So tonight you get three looks at Hot Toys new Godfather figure - one from me, one from Jeff Parker and one from Karnis. And yes, he's now my favorite sixth scale figure of the year.

You can find all the reviews at the usual:

There's also a new Quick Stop review tonight, covering the Gentle Giant Hellboy II Wink mini-bust. It's better than that awful Hellboy was, but still not something that knocked my socks off.

Thanks for reading!


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