DCUC 7 (including Atom Smasher) review

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DCUC 7 (including Atom Smasher) review

Postby Michael Crawford » Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:06 am

I'm definitely behind the eight ball with last night's review, but better late than never. I'm checking out wave 7 of the DC Universe Classics, in it's (almost) entirety - Blue Beetle, Flash, Kid Flash, Booster Gold, Big Barda, Captain Cold, Aquaman, and the CnC figure Atom Smasher. I generally don't review that many figures in a single shot, but with wave
8 right around the corner, I figured I better get them wrapped.

It's a great wave too, with much improved paint and articulation. No stuck joints, no broken joints, no major paint problems. Aquaman ends up on the lower end, not because he's a terrible figure, but because he's just a basic repaint of a figure we already have.

You can find the review at the usual:


Thanks for reading!


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