Batman B&W Sciver review, Poppies results!

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Batman B&W Sciver review, Poppies results!

Postby Michael Crawford » Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:52 am

The latest Batman Black and White statue has hit, and this one is based on Ethan Van Sciver's style, sculpted by Ray Villafane. I like this one, particularly for how they subtlely incorporated the base into the overall design by flowing the cape over the edges and posing him along the length of the oval.

I also have a guest review up from Jeff Parker of the Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker. He's included some terrific shots of this new head on the original vesion one body, in case you were wondering how good it looks.
And yes, it looks great!

You can find all the reviews at the usual:

I also managed to get the Poppies all tallied and written up! There might be some surprises in there for some folks - in fact, I know there will be. You can find the link off the main page, or just go here:

For the third and final piece, I'll have the People's Picks ready for Thursday night...I hope! Thanks for reading,


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