Hot Toys Bat Pod review

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Hot Toys Bat Pod review

Postby Michael Crawford » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:52 am

If you're a fan of Hot Toys and a fan of the Dark Knight, than the rest of this week is right up your alley. Tonight I have my review up of the extremely cool (but extremely expensive) Hot Toys sixth scale Bat Pod.
I love it. I really do. But Batman still doesn't fit all that well on it, and it's designed for him! But that's a minor quibble overall, and it's really what you're getting for the price that hold's this back from a perfect score across the board.

Over at Quick Stop, there will be a review going up of the Hot Toys Dark Knight Joker and Batman busts. It's not up there yet, but it should be any minute now...and on Thursday, I'll be running my review of the Bank Robber Joker and Jeff Parker's look at the Bat Pod as well! That's a lot of Hot Toys Batman stuff.

You can find all the reviews at the usual:

And don't forget to vote in the People's Picks! The voting is wrapping up in the next couple days, so you better get your ballot in now:

Thanks for reading!


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