Futurama series 5 (Calculon/Super King Bender) review

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Futurama series 5 (Calculon/Super King Bender) review

Postby Michael Crawford » Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:13 am

I'm really enjoying the new Futurama direct to DVD movies, and the last one - Bender's Game - will go down as one of my favorite Lord of the Rings satires. The newest wave of figures from Toynami (wave 5) is now out, and includes Super King Bender from the New Justice Team, as well as Calculon. I really like Calculon, and while Super King has a couple minor issues, I'm looking forward to getting Clobberella and completing the set.

The review is at the usual:


Thanks for reading, and have a terrific weekend!


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