Kotobukiya TIE Fighter Pilot review

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Kotobukiya TIE Fighter Pilot review

Postby Michael Crawford » Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:38 am

Things are mighty dry right now, but I picked up the Kotobukiya TIE Fighter Pilot 'kit' (statue) recently, and I'm covering him today.
I'm always happier with the Koto statues that don't require human likenesses, like this guy, and they picked a fairly decent pose. They also give you extra arms so you can go with one of two different looks, which is always a big plus. You can find the reviews at the usual:


I'm switching html editors and web servers right now, and I'm not happy so far with anything I've tried. I may also end up screwing up some things on the site, so if you see any bugs or problems, please let me know asap. I also have a new feature debuting sometime later this week that I think you'll like...I'll update you when it's live. Thanks for reading!


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