NECA 18" Alien review

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NECA 18" Alien review

Postby Michael Crawford » Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:42 am

I've been blessed this last week with some really exceptional collectibles hitting the doorstop. Today I have my third ***1/2 star review in a row, and this one should really be four for most folks. I had some specific paint issues that I bet are not consistent across the line, but I had to take them into account.

And what is this beautiful beast? It's the new 18" Alien from NECA.
This is the one based on the original film, in articulated action figure form, like the old Kenner days. The sculpting is fantastic, the paint work terrific, and the articulation suprisingly good. And the best part? You get this huge, amazing looking solid figure for around $40.
This isn't just one of the best figures I've seen in awhile, it's one of the best values.

You can find the review at the usual:

Sorry about any trouble getting to the site Tuesday night - my provider had a power outage due to the storms, and for some reason the backup generator didn't kick in automatically. If you missed out on the Mezco Hellboy review I posted that night, now's the time to check it out, along with the QSE review of the Tusken Raider mini-bust.

Thanks for reading, and have a terrific weekend!


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