DCD 13" Nightwing, HT Power Loader reviews

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DCD 13" Nightwing, HT Power Loader reviews

Postby Michael Crawford » Wed Oct 24, 2007 2:16 pm

Today there's two sixth scale reviews...and they couldn't end up with different results. I'm looking at the latest DC Direct deluxe 13" figure release - Nightwing. You know I've been disappointed with most of the releases in this series, and poor Nightwing doesn't break the streak. He has all the same issues the more mediocre previous figures had, and has a couple all his own. I'm betting I get a lot of people that think I'm crazy on this one, but he's not up to snuff.

The guest review is from Jeff Parker, and covers another terrific Hot Toys release - the Aliens Power Loader with Ripley. He loves this thing, and I gotta tell you - I can't wait til mine shows up! I used a lot of his photos tonight, and they really show off the set nicely. Check out all the reviews at the usual:


And don't forget to enter the Silver Scream contest for your chance to win one of five sets of silver Cinema of Fear figures! Thanks for reading,


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