LCBH 2 Marv, Ann, Star; Frenzy reviews

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LCBH 2 Marv, Ann, Star; Frenzy reviews

Postby Michael Crawford » Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:21 pm

You may recall my whining a couple weeks ago about finding all but Marv in the second series of Legendary Comic Book Heroes. At that time I reviewed the first three figures, Stryker, Darkness and Judge Death, leaving the other three til I finally snagged Marv. Well, last week I found him, so today the review of Marv, Star and Ann O'Brien is up. I've also got shots and discussion on the completed Monkeyman as well. Marv is the only one of these three that can compare to the likes of Darkness or Judge Death, but Monkeyman is still a mighty fine BAF.

You can check out all the reviews at the usual:

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