Queen, The

September 25th, 2007 by exolstice

The Queen

It has been almost a year since this movie was released. The ‘hype’ has come and gone; the film has won many awards, including a Best Actress Oscar for Helen Mirren; everyone I’ve spoken to who’s seen this movie have give it the highest praise imaginable, and the critics were unanimous regarding this movie’s brilliance. Now that I’ve finally seen this much talked about movie, do I think it was as good as everyone says?

Well, unless you’re an English monarchy aficionado, a big fan of dry character studies, or you just enjoy speculative historical descriptions you’ll probably find the subject matter very boring. At least I did. As I was watching the film, I couldn’t help but remind myself that most of the events unfolding on screen were more fact than fiction as I very much doubt the filmmakers made the movie with the consent and cooperation of the people being portrayed. I felt like I was watching a British soap opera, which is what their lives probably are like, but that doesn’t make it any more interesting.

There’s also been a lot of talk about Helen Mirren’s portrayal of the Queen, about how accurate it was. Unfortunately for me, royal speeches aren’t my cup of tea, and my knowledge of the Queen’s voice and mannerisms come mainly from the first Naked Gun movie, so aside from the striking physical similarities I couldn’t really judge how good her performance was. Since this is one of the film’s main ‘selling points’ it really diminished my appreciation. That being said she does deliver an otherwise great performance.

I can only recommend this film to people with a prior interest in the subject matter.


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