Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

September 19th, 2007 by exolstice

SMB Wii Cover

Remember those old games where you had to navigate a ball bearing through a wooden maze by tilting it, all the while avoiding pitfalls? Well this is that game, except you’re directing a cute little monkey in a translucent ball by tilting the entire level using the wiimote. You’ll also collect bananas along the way to earn extra points and lives to improve your score.

The goal of each level is to reach the end as fast as possible and collecting as many bananas as possible within a set time limit. The faster you finish, the higher the score. There’s about a dozen worlds I guess (didn’t count them) each with 7 or 8 levels, including a boss fight.

The graphics are good enough for me, with cuteness oozing from every polygon on screen, which is dangerously deceptive. If you’re expecting a kid-friendly game, guess again. The game starts easily enough, I completed the first world in relatively few attempts, but once you reach world 2, the difficulty jumps up to eleven. You’ll need the steady-handedness of a heart surgeon and the patient of a saint to be good at this game. While the controls are precise and responsive, the levels leave so little room for error that you’ll be swearing up a storm in no time. Not what you’d expect from a game that looks like it’s directed at an audience of preschoolers.

I gave up playing the main game, after repeating the same level in world 2 for the thirtieth time. This game’s one saving grace are its diverse and fairly robust set of mini-games (50 maybe? again, I didn’t count them). While they vary in quality and fun, some of them are good enough that they could be expanded into a full game. I particularly enjoyed Monkey Racing (Mario Kart but with monkey’s in balls) and Snowboarding. Both of these had more than one track to race on, but they don’t make the game worth the purchase. If you could find it for $10 though, jump on it.


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