Before Sunset

August 26th, 2007 by exolstice

Before Sunset

This movie, which was release in 2004, is a sequel to Before Sunrise, which was released on 1995. Now if you haven’t seen the first part, you really should skip this review and check it out first, otherwise you’ll be reading major spoilers. Did you see it yet? Good, now I can proceed with the review.

We’re now nine years after the events in the first film, which is interesting because nine years have also passed since the release of the first film. The movie begins with Jesse (Ethan Hawke) in a Parisian book store promoting his “fictional” novel, which is based on the events in the first film. It is there that he sees Celine (Julie Delpy) for the first time in nine years. Jesse has a plane to catch in a few hours, specifically at 7:30 PM, so they decide to go have a cup of coffee. From there, fans of the first film will find their lot, as our protagonists resume their walking and talking, this time through the streets of Paris, as if they’d left each other just the day before.

Mostly the dialog is just as real and enjoyable as in the first installment, except for one stretch where it feels like the writers are preaching to the audience about government policies, gun control, the environment, etc. The film would’ve been better without it, it did reduce my enjoyment when compared to Before Sunrise, but I suppose it’s to be expected since the screenplay was written so shortly after the events of September 11.

Interesting to note, this movie takes place in real time, with extra long unbroken takes, so the length of the movie is the length of time the characters are interacting with each other. This, in addition to the dialog, also serves to make the characters feel more real.

Although I’m not a fan of romance movies in generals, I feel this particular film as well as its prequel transcend the genre and make for a much more enjoyable experience.


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Buy from : Before Sunset

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