Bourne Ultimatum, The

August 27th, 2007 by exolstice

Bourne Ultimatum

If you’re looking for a faithful adaption of the Robert Ludlum novel of the same name, you’ll be sorely disappointed, but then again, you’ve probably seen the first two movie and are already aware that the only thing the books and movies share in common are the titles. As for me, I’ve read the books, and I couldn’t care less that the films have completely different plotlines, they still kick ass.

Jason Bourne is a no-nonsense, grittier version of James Bond. You won’t find any humorous quips here. It’s all about the action. I never would’ve pegged Matt Damon for an action hero before the release of the first film, and I’m glad I was wrong.

In this third installment, Bourne is out for answers. He wants to find those responsible for the death of his girlfriend and made him into this highly-trained killing machine. When the CIA learns that he’s coming for answers, they issue orders to have him terminated. I guess they haven’t seen the first two films to know that is a very bad idea.

Overall, it’s difficult to give this movie an accurate review for one reason: the camera work. The camera shakes and bounces continuously throughout the whole movie like it was shot by an epileptic at a rodeo. The action scenes are so all over the place it’s hard to tell precisely what is going on. In a way I guess that adds to the realize, however, it also gave me terrible motion-sickness. I spent half the movie looking away from the screen. I’m not the only either, I was with a group of nine people, two had to walk out, and all except one experienced varying degrees of motion sickness. Now I don’t mind doing things differently, but when all that’s on screen is a person speaking dialog, there’s no reason for their head to be continuously moving around the frame.

So if you’re prone to motion sickness, I suggest you wait for the DVD, otherwise the movie is a must-see.


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Buy from : Bourne on DVD

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