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August 22nd, 2007 by Ghost


There is a fine line between comedy and absurdity and The Stupids blunders across that line almost immediately with no thought of ever looking back…and thank the Lloyd for that! Colorful, bright, and completely inoffensive, the movie doesn’t try to do anything other than elicit some giggles and entertain for an hour and a half.

Little more than a live action cartoon, and even featuring some animated elements, The Stupids stars comedy genius/prize winning pig Tom Arnold as Stanley Stupid, the moronic patriarch of the most dimwitted, garish family ever put to film. Never once letting on that he’s in anything other than a ridiculous farce; the conviction with which Tom grabs the reigns of Stanley is fantastic. He knows the movie is wacky and illogical at every turn, but he plays it so hilariously straight that you can’t help but smile.

Like the Brady Bunch family in the movies of the 90’s, but without the hateful cynicism and vitriolic angst; the Stupids exist in their own blissfully clueless reality, oblivious to pretty much everything and everyone inhabiting the world around them. Stanley and Joan Stupid (Jessica Lundy) get out of bed fully dressed one jobless morning to find their trash, which Stanley accidentally left out by the street overnight, has been stolen once again by fiends. Stanley, fed up with the cruelty of a world where even a mans trash isn’t safe, stakes out the curb by his house in order to catch the thieves red handed and when the gas masked rogues (garbage men) curiously arrive in the middle of the night, Stan sets off after them.

The next morning, presumably, The Stupid children (oh my), Buster (Bug Hall) and Petunia (Alex McKenna), misinterpret the absence of their parents to be a plot laid by Chinese restaurateurs after receiving a menu from the Jade Palace restaurant. What follows is basically one big set up that leads directly into the next; Buster hilariously copies from dictation a note reading, “Police kidnapped your children”, Stanley stumbles into an illegal arms deal, and Joan, now unable to trust the police, sets off in search of her snatched kids.

Furthering the absurdity, assassins are eventually dispatched by the corrupt army general selling the weapons, Christopher Lee makes an appearance as a Doctor Doom style super villain named Mr. Sender, computers and cars explode, disguises are worn, Stanley believes himself to be a bush, bees buzz, and Stanley and Petunia “die” and meet with the Lloyd of all creation. All the while, Tom and his supporting cast (it’s his movie, lets be honest) play it totally, wonderfully straight.

The Stupids is a far too amusing romp that is only rewarding if you just turn off your snark-o-meter and enjoy the ride. It isn’t high art, but neither is it a lowest common denominator gross out “comedy”. As the law of averages dictates, some jokes work and some don’t, but the sheer amount of sight gags, hijinks, and prat falls being dumped on screen at any one time means that sooner or later something is going to hit.

This isn’t a film for everyone, you’re either going to get it or you aren’t; if you do get it, however, you’re never going to want to let it go. Keep your eyes and ears open, the gears turning behind the pastel sterility of The Stupids are more subversive and clever than you’d think at first glance.

“Give it up to the fat guy!”


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Buy from : The Stupids

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  1. Hannah Cates

    Love the review! ASL????

  2. g0a7

    Hilarious movie. This review was so informative that I may now skip my 3:30pm daily viewing…classy.

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