Heavenly Creatures

August 19th, 2007 by exolstice


Here’s something I wasn’t expecting. A Peter Jackson movie I actually liked! To be fair, I did love the first part of his Lord of the Rings trilogy, but taken as a whole the entire epic bored me tears. It was too big, too over the top, and I felt it took too many liberties with the source material. As for his other movies, well let’s just say I’m afraid of puppets and Peter Jackson has done NOTHING to alleviate those fears. But let’s forget about those films for now, because I’m supposed to be discussing a better film, a more low key affair with some heart, Heavenly Creatures.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, well go see it NOW! Well alright, it wasn’t that kind of movie. You don’t need to rush out and see it. Just put it on that list of things to do, right above learning the piano, but below skydiving. Where am I going with this analogy? I’m not quite sure. The film tells the story of two girls who form a really intense friendship, and I do mean intense. It’s never quite clear how deep their friendship runs, but lesbianism is heavily implied (which according to Wikipedia has always been denied by the two girls).

Anyway, they often escape the reality of their lives through fantasies about a Fourth World and stories of their own invention about a magical kingdom. This universe is populated with life size clay beings, which are blown up replicas of clay sculptures done by the girls. Eventually, their desire to be together culminates in the grisly murder of one of their mothers. I realize character names probably would’ve made for a clearer plot summary, but I’m an anti-conformist. Besides, if you care that much you can look up the names and a decent plot summary for yourselves.

What you need to know is this, the acting is good (you’ll get to see a younger Kate Winslet in action, hey at least I remembered one actress’ name), the story is interesting, and the whole thing is packaged together quite nicely. Okay, this has been a pretty horrible review. Here’s a better one.

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