The Devils

July 20th, 2010 by exolstice


Saw the heavily censored version last night project from a video master as WB refuses to let any prints be shown, let alone the restored director’s cut from 2008. I can usually judge the quality of a movie by how long the afterwards discussion is between myself and my girlfriend. So by those standards it was pretty terrific. I enjoyed it a lot, and as an atheist, there was nothing even remotely offensive about it. In fact, if I was a liberal catholic, I’d say the film was a harsh condemnation of the church but a celebration of catholic faith in general. In any case, the fact that this movie is unavailable anywhere is much more offensive to me than the content. Obviously, most of the “really offensive” stuff was cut out of this version, but from the descriptions, given the context of the scenes, and compared to all the shite that is released today, it’s probably not all that bad. I mean if the Exorcist can show a 12-year old repeatedly stabbing herself in the vagina with a bloody crucifix while yelling “Fuck me Jesus!” I don’t see why a scene of a nun masturbating has to be cut. Although, I also saw The Exorcist for the first time this week, and I also loved it. Anyway, great acting, slightly surreal set design, funny, disturbing and an all around awesome flick. The Devils gets 9/10 from me and fuck WB. It loses 1 point because one of the characters looks like he’s from the 70’s, which dates the movie.

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Why won’t the backers behind Ken Russell’s masterpiece The Devils let us see the film in its complete form?

Petition to release The Devils on DVD

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