September 24th, 2009 by exolstice


Probably the best movie that ever had Paul W.S. Anderson’s name attached to it in some capacity, as producer in this case. It’s strictly a by-the-numbers-horror-in-space type of movie with a twist you’ll see coming from light years away unless you’ve never seen a single other movie in your entire life. It misses several opportunities to insert some interesting subtext, and it often goes overboard explaining things in cases where audience imagination would probably have served the film better.

That being said, the film still works surprisingly well thanks to a solid cast (Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid are the standouts) and dialog, that while not stellar, is still a lot better than you’d expect from this sort of film. The film sets out to scare, and it does this reasonably well. The photography is excellent, and the set designs are suitably ominous.

If you’re looking for a good science-fiction film, however, you may want to look elsewhere, this thing is crammed with technobabble. For once I’d like to see a functional ship that doesn’t consist of endless maze-like corridors, precarious walkways without safety railings, and emergency reset switches that can’t be accessed without navigating the aforementioned hazards. Still, if you don’t think about these things, and I mostly didn’t until afterwards, it’s an enjoyable thriller.


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