The Happening

June 16th, 2008 by exolstice


This film is one of a select few to actually transcend any critics leveled at it by being worse than anything you could imagine just from reading the reviews. If anyone tells you that this film isn’t as bad as critics say, then they obviously don’t like you very much.

There are very few good things that can be said about this movie. Aside for a handful of truly unsettling visuals, it falls completely flat. The biggest problem is that it’s not scary. There’s an interesting concept behind the story but it gets bogged down in so much garbage pseudo-science that you’ll be rolling your eyes too much to get scared. Oh and there’s also a slew of random sequences, which were inserted seemingly just for shock value, and which in no way serve to further the plot.

The next biggest issue with this film is the atrocious acting. Cringe-inducing even. While most of the cast aren’t A-list stars, I don’t remember Mark Whalberg ever being this bad. Although, I suppose the idiotic dialog is somewhat to blame. It sounds like it was written by a group of stoned high school students who’ve yet to fully grasp how real people converse. I’m getting annoyed again just thinking about it.

The film is just awful. Avoid at all costs.


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