God of War: Chains of Olympus

April 2nd, 2008 by exolstice


There aren’t that many “great” games for the PSP, but you can now add this one to the short list. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had on the system since it released.

Basically, you run around mythological Greece, slaying monsters, titans, Gods, and any innocent bystanders that just happen to get in the way (which fills your life meter as an added bonus, but I’d kill them regardless). You start off with a basic set of moves and weapons, which you get to power up as the game progresses. Special attacks are executed with a combination of button presses, but none of them are so complicated that you’ll have trouble keeping track. Certain enemies (bosses especially) require you to perform a sequence of button presses as they appear on screen to finish them off.

Now a lot of these gameplay mechanics have been done before, except this time they’re in a game that isn’t frustratingly difficult, at least not on the easy setting. That’s another thing I appreciated about this game: well-balanced difficulty levels. I’m assuming it must be a tricky feature to implement, because most developers get it WRONG. Not so in this case thankfully! Of course, completing the game on higher difficulty levels rewards you with additional unlockables, so there is some incentive to play them. Also, the save points and checkpoints are expertly placed, which is another plus. Not that it matters, since you can put the system in sleep mode at any time.

The graphics are by far the best I’ve seen on the PSP, even rivaling their PS2 counterpart. Now it might be my imagination, but I was playing the original game concurrently with the PSP version, and the latter seemed to have much better graphics. Maybe it’s an illusion due to the smaller screen. In any case, if you go mental over things like high polygon counts and lighting effects, you’ll get more than your share with this title.

I can’t rave enough about this game. Go buy it now!


Screenshots* (click the thumbnails for a larger version) :

gowss1 gowss2

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