Run Fat Boy Run

March 27th, 2008 by exolstice


If you’re going in to this movie expecting a clever satire of romantic comedies, similarly to what Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead did for action and horror movies respectively, prepare to be disappointed. In terms of general plot, Run Fat Boy Run is a strictly by the numbers romantic comedy. You will laugh, but you won’t be rushing back for seconds once it hits DVD. It’s the type of movie that you should either see in a theater with an audience or just not bother with at all. The humor is largely sophomoric but it at least avoids the pitfalls of most successful comedies in recent memory by omitting constant swearing, drug references, and gratuitous nudity (except for rear ends, of which I counted three). While there are a few stand out gags, most them are pretty generic, and benefit greatly from an audience-supplied laugh track.

Simon Pegg (who plays the main character Dennis) was great as usual (he also co-wrote the script). I also really enjoyed Dylan Moran’s (who you might remember as the guy with the glasses from Shaun of the Dead) performance as Dennis’ best friend. In fact, I would have to say the mostly British cast was uniformly excellent, they just weren’t give that much to do.

Now, I won’t bother summarizing the plot, suffice it to say, if you’ve seen one romantic comedy you’ve likely seen them all. The film is formulaic but fun, worth seeing at least once. Go see it on a matinee and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


Buy from : Run Fat Boy Run
Buy from : Run Fat Boy Run

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