Keystone Kapers

November 30th, 2007 by exolstice


You have to hand it to Activision, when it came to the 2600, they sure knew how to make fun games. Keystone Kapers is another classic title that belongs in any serious Atari collection.

The gameplay premise is simple. You play a police office (who looks like one of those London police officers) chasing a bandit (with standard-issue striped pajamas) through a department store. You chase him across floor after floor, gradually making your way to the roof, unless you catch up to him first. Of course, it’s not that easy. Numerous obstacles get in your way, both moving (shopping carts, balls, airplanes) and stationary (radios). You can also grab dropped loot for a higher score as you run through the store.

Navigating from floor to floor can be done via escalators at the very end of each floor, or by elevators placed at the midpoint of each floor. Careful though, if the bandit sees you come up an elevator he’ll change direction! Once you catch up to him, your score increases and you start over. The difficulty level increases in each level by throwing more obstacles at you. Simple, but effective.

Activision did a great job on the graphics given the 2600’s limited capabilities. Almost everything is bright, colorful, and easily recognizable. This is one of the better looking games that was released for the Atari. The controls are tight and responsive. The gameplay is fun and addictive. You really can’t go wrong with this one.


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Buy from : Keystone Kapers
Buy from : Keystone Kapers

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  1. Laura

    It sure is one of my favourites!

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