World War Hulk

November 16th, 2007 by NDA

World War Hulk #1

World War Hulk (WWH) was Marvel’s crossover event for this summer. Like last year’s Civil War, almost every title had a relation to the main story. For this review though, I’ll just be focusing on the main crossover. I’ll also try to keep things spoiler free.

Let’s start with the first thing that caught my interest about this series, the story. WWH is a sequel to the events of Planet Hulk. However, you really don’t need any knowledge about Planet Hulk to start reading WWH. Everything relevant to WWH is neatly explained in the first issue. The story’s main theme is misguided revenge. That theme is very well played out as things just keep getting more and more smashed. The story’s main focus is around the big man himself, The Hulk. Planet Hulk and WWH are very interesting in that we get to see a new personality for the Hulk. For the most part his new character is very interesting. Be careful though, issue four did drop the ball when it came to the Hulk’s character and then some. It just starting getting old, but don’t fear. Things do pick up in the last issue, issue five. The five part series wraps itself up pretty well in issue five. After the stumble that was four, I was worried that the writers put themselves in a spot where they couldn’t end the series in a respectable way, but they pull it off. The ending was very satisfying. Even a hardcore Planet Hulk fan will the story’s climatic ending. Oh and the plot twists I can’t talk about. They are good stuff.

WWH does not disappoint when it comes to action. Every issue is full of fist fighting conflict. The amount of heroes throwing down doesn’t seem to end. From Mr. Fantastic to the New Avengers, even General Ross comes back to try his hand at stopping the Hulk. So yes, the fights don’t end, but how is the art? Well long story short, it can be a little annoying sometimes. John Romita Jr.’s penciling can be very awkward at times. This is most noticeable when things are either not full of action or some facial expressions. In the first issue, when we first see the Hulk heading to Earth, he smashes some space rock. The whole flow of his body with his facial expression just looks goofy. The way he removes detail from certain things can start to look clumsy too. For the most part though, John Romita Jr. does a decent job with everything. It’s not ugly art, but it’s not my favorite art.

Overall, WWH leaves the reader satisfied. Despite Marvel’s poor management and delays (letting other series continue past WWH, while WWH was still happening), The series is worth a read. If you are not a Hulk fan at all or you can’t stand John Romita Jr.’s art, then this series will not change that. If you just want a fun read with action, then I recommend you go for it. If you loved Planet Hulk, then you must read this.


Covers #2-5* (click the thumbnails for a larger version) :

World War Hulk #2 wwh3.jpg World War Hulk #4 World War Hulk #5

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