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I usually hate 3D platforming games. They just feel so lazy to me. Game designers using the same game play mechanics that have been used since Pitfall on the 2600, that’s enough already! Well Daxter is one of those games, but with a few tricks up its sleeve.

The one thing that kept me from throwing this game out the window five minutes into it is the save feature. Daxter allows you to save at any time. Yes, you read correctly. You can save your game wherever you want and whenever you feel like (which PC gamers have been able to do since the dawn of time). Why more console game makers don’t implement this feature is beyond me. Especially in these days of cheap plentiful memory.

Another brilliant feature is that when you fall to your death, you usually get respawned near to where you fell. Wow! What a concept! Some people might complain it makes the game too easy, for me it just makes the experience more casual and fun.

The game play does get repetitive after a while, as you’ll still be killing the same bugs you encountered early on in the game in the later stages, but the settings are different enough to keep you interested.There are also some challenging but fun flying stages, where you drive or fire from a hover cycle of some sort.

Another great feature are the special dream sequence levels, which reward you with power-ups or life upgrades upon completion. Each of these levels is modeled on a famous action movie (Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, Indiana Jones) and involves timed button presses. These would be annoying as hell if not for the settings and potential rewards.

Graphics and sounds are both top notch for a PSP release from what I’ve played so far. This is also a good game to get familiar with PSP controls if you’ve never played one before. Recommended.


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