Dan In Real Life

October 29th, 2007 by exolstice

dan in real life

When you watch a lot of movies, over time they start blending together, and it gets a lot harder to write each new review. It takes a really exceptional movie to incite me to write a long and thoughtful review, and this isn’t one of those. It’s another romantic dramedy with hopes of being something more, but that never quite reaches those expectations.

Steve Carrell plays an advice columnist, father of three daughters (!) and who hasn’t had a relationship since his wife died four years prior. While staying over at his parents place for a family reunion, he has a chance encounter at a book store with a woman played by Juliette Binoche. They seem to hit if off, but she has to leave abruptly. Upon returning to his parent’s house he discovers that the woman is dating his brother played by Dane Cook. From then on it’s a string of sometimes awkward, sometimes funny, oftentimes cringe-inducing scenes as the characters attempt to come to terms with the situation.

If you’re looking for laughs, you’ll find them here in a decent enough quantity. There’s also plenty of romance and cute moments for the ladies. Steve Carrell is pretty good in this role, and reminded me of why I like him (films like the 40-Year-Old Virgin made me forget), Juliette Binoche brings a certain quality to the film that makes it a much better experience than if her role had been played by an American actress, and Dane Cook was decent enough.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good date movie, this one fits the bill well enough. Otherwise, you can wait for the DVD unless you’re a hardcore Steve Carrell fan.


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