Bottle Rocket

October 12th, 2007 by Ghost


Every so often we’ll get DVD’s in the mail and every so often I’ll feel like talking about one or two of them. Since this obviously isn’t a new release I’m not going to bother rambling on for sixteen confusing paragraphs about the plot or attempting to bypass throwing myself into the review. I’m also not going to be mentioning the extra’s because I don’t generally watch them and I didn’t here.

As a fan hopelessly in love with Wes Anderson’s work, I longed to see Bottle Rocket but the lone VHS copy at a local rental shack some years ago never seemed to make it back into the store. Since that constant failure was also coupled with a difficult to find DVD in my area and several “caught it in the middle” HBO viewings, I just gave it up. If Wes wanted me to get my eyes on his debut work, the Fates would work it my way. Lady Fate, it seems, works her magic through my girlfriend and her Blockbuster account.

The important thing to note about Bottle Rocket is that all of Anderson’s signature special moves are available from the word go; the subtle depths of the characters, the underwater shots, slow motion, it’s all here. While some directors take a while to find their footing, Anderson knew exactly what he wanted to do right out of the gate. This generally means that if you’re not an Anderson fan, this won’t crank your mower.

The film does shuffle it’s feet slightly towards the final act, but the charisma of the Wilson brothers, who aren’t playing brothers, keep it from slipping away. When the final scene plays (a heist!) it’s so hilarious that you’ll forget the lull that wandered through for about 15 minutes before.

If you’re an Anderson fan and you’ve yet to check it out then I’d highly suggest you get your hands on it. There are no real flaws to speak of and it’s hilarious. An excellent start for one of my favorite directors.


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  1. Hannah Cates

    I’ve seen the middle half of this movie quite a few times, but never the whole thing.

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